The 12th high school examinations will start in the Kurdistan Region

SULAIMANI – (ESTA) The 12th high school examinations are scheduled to start tomorrow in the Kurdistan Region.

Dilshad Omar, Director General of Education in Sulaimani, told Esta Media Network that “27 thousand 829 students will take the 12th grade examinations in Sulaimani tomorrow.”.

“The exams will be held in 423 halls in Sulaimani province,” he said.

He instructed the students that “what is needed is only the requirements to answer the exams in pencils, rubber, and a sharpener, and then the requirements are provided.”.

The director general of Sulaimani education said that “necessary measures have been taken to prevent theft and called on students not to be deceived by any electronic means of theft and to rely on their own abilities to respond.”.

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