The former Secretary of the Peshmerga Ministry has denied a newspaper report about Sulaimani

SULAIMANI – (ESTA) The former Peshmerga Secretary of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has denied a newspaper report about the training of armed forces and sending them to Qandil Mountain, saying, “It will encourage bombing and damage to civilians in Sulaimani.”.

Jabar Yawar, former Secretary of the Peshmerga Ministry of the KRG, said that “the accusation that the area is used to train PKK fighters is very dangerous and far from the truth.”.

“All political forces in Turkey and Iraq know that there are no Turkish opposition forces in Sulaimani province, especially in the center of Sulaimani,” he said.

He also added that “everyone knows that PKK fighters have been on the Iraqi-Turkish and Iraqi-Iranian borders since the 1980s and most know where these bases and headquarters are.”.

He stressed that “they have no bases or headquarters in Sulaimani, neither openly nor secretly.”.

The former Peshmerga Secretary said that “such news published by PKK media poses a serious threat to civilians, will further encourage Turkey to bombard the area, while Turkish drones are flying over the region 24 hours a day and often enter at a depth of 300 kilometers.”.

He mentioned, “Instead of accusing the PUK, it is better to sit down together to find out how to solve the problems of the region, provide a common strategy for the region, and how to deal with Iraq, Turkey and Iran not blame each other.”.

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