Sulaimani authorities raise alarm over spike in narcotic business

رووبەڕووی هێزەكانی ئاسایش بوونەتەوە فۆتۆ: ئەرشیف

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — At least eight drug dealers were arrested in Sulaimani City and part of whom were foreigners, according to security forces on Thursday.

Sulaimani authorities raised the alarm over a spike in narcotic business. The security forces (Asaysih) stepped up efforts to contain the spread of illicit drugs among locals.

Earlier yesterday, Asayish announced the arrest of three other drug dealers amid efforts to tackle the growing narcotic business.

“The number of inmates who are charged with drug offenses is growing,” the Director of Sulaimani Reform Prison said in a press briefing.

“There are people arrested who attempted to penetrate narcotic drugs into the prison for the inmates,” He added.

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