Kurdistan Bar Association outlaws press statements from Duhok’s lawyers

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Duhok’s branch of the Kurdistan Bar Association outlawed press statements from lawyers. 

According to an official paper released by Duhok’s branch of the Kurdistan Bar Association, it outlawed press statements from lawyers except for some lawyers who will be selected by the association to do so, taking legal action against violators.

Niyaz Abubdullah, a journalist and activist slammed the decision, saying, “Duhok’s branch of Kurdistan Bar Association seeks to censorship the freedom of expression in the Kurdistan Region.”

“The Association has fear from those lawyers who have been defending the human rights dossiers, journalists, and freedom of expression, otherwise, there is no such a law that can outlaw press statements from lawyers,” she added.

She also stated that “The Association wants to play a partisan role and threatens lawyers with legal prosecution whereas the Association must face legal prosecution for issuing such a decision.”

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