Lawyer in Erbil says he had been ‘insulted’, ‘attacked’ by gunmen

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SULAIMANI (ESTA) — A lawyer in Erbil on Wednesday said he had been “insulted” and “attacked” by two gunmen.

Lawyer Shiraz Shahab said that he has been “threatened” with death after the gunmen attacked him inside his own work office in the Kurdistan Region capital, he said in a statement.

The incident took place in December last year, according to Shahab’s words.

One of the attackers was the personal secretary of the general director of the Kurdistan Region taxation which was also equal to his cousin, he said.

“The attacker insulted me and my family as well as my office,” and “he pulled the gun against me because I did not accept the insult inside my office,” he added.

The attacker also “threatened” the lawyer with death during the quarrel.

“The Kurdistan Region syndicate of lawyer protection did not have any reactions despite their awareness of the attack.”

The lawyer did not disclose any details why the problem erupted, however, he added that has been also “threatened” with death by the general director of the Kurdistan Region taxation after he phoned him.

Erbil and police officials have yet to comment on the lawyer’s words.


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