Kurdistan’s CTG says it arrested ISIS terrorist in Garmian

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The Kurdistan’s Counter-Terrorism Group (CTG) on Monday said it arrested an Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist in Garmian administration.

The General Directorate of the CTG forces has arrested an ISIS terrorist in Sulaimani’s Garmian, it said in a statement.

The terrorist was arrested following a “special” operation, according to the statement.

Disclosing details regarding the arrested terrorist by the CTG, it added that he was aged 40 years old and joined ISIS in 2020.

The CTG obtained a confession from the arrested terrorist, adding that he was involved in several terrorist acts in Hamrin Mountain.

Hamrin mountain range and the surrounding remote areas are turned into a hotspot for ISIS remnants since its major defeat by the Kurdish and Iraqi forces in 2017.

The remnants of militants built a large number of hide-outs and dens in what is so-known as the disputed areas,  claimed by both the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the Federal government.

ISIS exploited the space, making it capable of conducting hit-and-run attacks on the area’s security vacuum.

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