Turkish authorities prosecute six perpetrators charged with killing Duhok family

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — At least six perpetrators were prosecuted on Monday in Turkey, charged with Killing a family from Kurdistan’s Duhok.

Last Thursday, during pre-dawn hours, a family from Kurdistan Region’s Duhok was found murdered on the Artuklu-Nusaybin highway in the Yenikoy district of Mardin province in Turkey.

Reports immediately confirmed the family which consisted of five individuals came under attack by several gunmen.

Police discovered the bodies of the Kurdish family inside their SUV vehicle which they were traveling with. The victims were aged between 39 to 75 years old and from Kurdistan’s Duhok, Badinan area.

The gunmen savagely shot the Kurdish family dead, killing four of them, and leaving one with severe injuries who later succumbed to his injuries at the hospital. All of them had been shot in their head, the medical report said.

Six perpetrators were prosecuted in Turkey’s Mardin, according to local reports. The perpetrators have been sent to forensic medicine for the purpose of obtaining fingerprints from them after they were found guilty of murdering the family.

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