PUK President warns: ‘incorrect path of governance must be corrected’

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Bafel Talabani Wednesday said that the “incorrect path of governance must be corrected,” sending out warnings over the “discriminations” between the Kurdistan Region provinces. 

President Talabani held a meeting with PUK cadres in Sulaimani’s Qalachwalan area during which he made remarks regarding the political situation of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.

Talabani initially delivered his remarks by pointing out the PUK policy before the latest developments.

“PUK has always adopted dialogue before any developments. Unfortunately that national will has not been taken as an advantage,” he said.

“Our long-standing patience is over in front of the autocracy in the Kurdistan Region and that discrimination in administrating and revenue distribution,” he added.

PUK decided to end the status quo of the Region inside which power has been monopolized, according to Talabani’s words.

“The incorrect path of governance must be corrected and the government must be for all towns and cities. We fulfill this high objective with people who are loyal to our nation.”

Apart from this, Talabani has more elaborated on the PUK domestic issues, saying that the party has always believed in renewal as well as reorganizational on the comradely foundations as a “popular” force.

Moreover, Talabani said that they welcome any PUK cadre that has critics, however, the critics shall not be a cause for divisions or cadre loss.

President Talabani in the continuation of the meeting tasked the PUK “comrades” and cadres, in other words, the PUK officials, to be on the frontlines to advocate the people’s rights.



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