Security Forces detain two drug traffickers in northwest of Sulaimani

File – Emblem of Kurdish Asayish (security)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The Directorate of the Security Forces (Asayish) on Monday announced the detention of two drug traffickers in Sulaimani.

The Security Forces have detained two drug traffickers in the northwest of Sulaimani province in Hajiawa district, a statement from Asayish said.

In the meantime, the forces have seized eight kilograms of narcotic drugs, Asayish noted that it was highly addictive crystal meth with drug-using tools.

Interrogations are ongoing with the suspects, in accordance with the 25th article of combating drug law, according to the statement.

In recent years, drug-related crimes have been sharply on the rise throughout the Kurdistan Region.

According to Region’s anti-narcotics department, above 1200 kilograms of narcotics have been seized in the Kurdistan Region from 2019 until June 2022, and over 5000 people have been detained for drug-related charges.

Most of the drugs that have been seized are the most addictive and effective types, among them crystal meth, heroin, hashish, and marijuana, were included.

Kurdish officials have warned that drug trafficking threatens to become an epidemic if anti-narcotics forces fail to curtail its rise in the Kurdistan Region.

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