Sulaimani security forces arrest seven suspects over terrorism charges

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The security forces of Sulaimani (Asayish) on Thursday said it had arrested seven suspects over terrorisms charges.

At least seven suspects were arrested by Asayish following separate operations, it said in a statement.

The suspects were wanted by the Iraqi government. They were charged with article 4 of the Iraqi penal code regarding terrorism, according to the statement.

It also stated that all of the suspects were from central and southern Iraqi provinces.

The suspects had fled to the Kurdish town of Chamchaml in Sulaimani under the pretext of working in the town, Asayish added.

Asayish investigations revealed three of the suspects were ranked “Emir” in the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group. All of the suspects have been handed to the law to face prosecution.

Moreover, operation forces of Sulaimani security forces based on intelligence information arrested a terrorist charged with conducting several “crimes against humanity”, read a statement from Asayish on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, last Monday, The Kurdistan’s Counter-Terrorism Group (CTG) said it arrested an ISIS terrorist in Sulaiamani’s Garmian administration following a special operation.

ISIS controlled roughly a third of Iraq between 2014 and 2017. Iraqi forces and Kurdish troops backed by U.S.-led Coalition forces as well as Iran-backed Shia militias defeated the militant group in 2017, but its members still roam areas of northern Iraq and northeastern Syria.


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