Watchdog, Deputy Premier’s office rescue citizen in Syria

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — A Refugee watchdog in coordination with the Kurdistan Region Deputy Premier’s office rescued a Kurdistan Region citizen in the hands of Syria’s extremist groups, a statement said on Saturday.

Kurdistan Region citizen was repatriated after he was deported to Syria on the migration route to Europe, Lutka refugee watchdog said in the statement.

Aryan Mohammed, 22, was handed over to the extremist militia organizations in Syria after he was deported by the authorities in Turkey. He was repatriated “safely” to his hometown (Ranya), Lutka Foundation for Refugees and Displaced Affairs said.

“Mohammed tried to migrate illegally to Europe, in August 23 he was detained in and deported to Syria,” Lutka said, adding that the repatriation process was carried out in coordination with the Deputy of the Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Qubad Talabani’s office.

During the past six years, 553 citizens of the Kurdistan Region were repatriated from Syria, Egypt, and Libya, trying to reach Europe through the risky migration route, mostly by sailing into the Mediterranean waters, according to Lutka.

“380 migrants were repatriated from Syria and 173 from Libya and Egypt,” it said, during the past six years.

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