Health Director warns of presence of ‘forged’, ‘smuggled’ medicine in Sulaimani

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Sulaimani General Health Director warned of the presence of a massive amount of forged and smuggled medicine in the market on Saturday, and said the governorate is “poorest” in terms of financing the medicine budget. 

Speaking at the pharmacist forum, the first forum of the field throughout Iraq held in Sulaiamni, General Health Director of Sulaiamani Sabah Hawrami said, “Medicine is an important and questionable issue for the people”. “There is a flagrant problem in Sulaimani,” He said.

“We want to find a solution for medicine-related issues from its import-export issue and the quality of the medicines and the way the pharmacies deal with,” Hawrami quoted.

Hawrami in his speech said there is a lot of suspicion about the importing sources of the medicine to Sulaimani, “We won’t conceal that we are also suspicious on the sources.”

“Part of the imported medicines are imported illegally, which means smuggled,” Hawrami stressed.

During his speech, he also wished that the decision maker’s resolutions remove the suspicions about the sources that import medicine and do prevent “smuggling medicine” into the Kurdistan Region from the border crossings.


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