Iraqi forces manage to kill two terrorists in Salah al-Din governorate

Iraqi forces gather in the al-Shura area, south of Mosul, on October 24, 2016, during an operation to retake the main hub city from ISIS militants.

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Two Islamic State terrorists were killed amid an operation launched by the Iraqi forces, covering the outskirts of Salah al-Din governorate, a senior military commander said on Sunday.

At least two terrorists were killed with the destruction of a secret tunnel dug by the terrorists, the state news agency cited a senior military commander in the Iraqi military as saying.

The operation covered the areas in Hamrin mount in Salah al-Din, a key mount the remnants of the defeated Islamic State operating, and Iran-backed Popular Mobilization forces (PMF) joined the operation as well, said the commander.

Hamrin mountain range and the surrounding remote areas are turned into a hotspot for Islamic State terrorist group militants since its major defeat by the Kurdish and Iraqi forces in 2017.

The remnants of militants built a large number of hide-outs and dens in what is so-known as the disputed areas between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Federal government. They utilized the space to regroup and carry out partisan attacks inside the area’s security vacuum.

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