Iran sentences head of Erbil-based sexual trafficking band to death

Head of the Iranian band who was sentenced to death Zahra Sediqi Hamedani

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Iran sentenced the head of an Iranian band to death who was charged with overseeing the biggest sexual trafficking band in the Capital of the Kurdistan Region, Erbil, Iranian media reported on Sunday.

Iran’s Intelligence July had detained an Iranian woman codenamed (Sara), she was found guilty of spreading “Corruption on Earth”, according to the courts in that country.

Sara whose real name is Zahra Sediqi Hamedani was head of the biggest sex trafficking band in Erbil, smuggling females for evil causes from Iran to the Kurdistan Region, Tasnim news, an affiliated Media with Iran revolutionary guards corps in July said.

Zahra with a partner named  Elham Chubdar have been sentenced to death by the Iranian government, and will likely be hanged, according to reports.

Courts in Iran have found them guilty of smuggling thousands of women into the Kurdistan Region and other charges such as fraud, gambling, promoting human trafficking, and blackmailing, both of them were two LGBTQ rights activists as well.

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