Kurdistan Region’s upcoming parliamentary election to not take place on date, says speaker

File – Lawmakers raise their hands to vote during a session of Kurdistan Parliament

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The Speaker of the Kurdistan Region Parliament warned that the upcoming parliamentary will not take place on the secluded date, adding that the Kurdish parties have failed to reach an agreement. 

Speaker of the Kurdistan Region Parliament Rewaz Fayaq who attended a meeting with the head of non-governmental organizations in Sulaiamani on Saturday spoke about the upcoming parliamentary election in the Region, saying it will not take place on October 1, the scheduled date.

“Every reasonable individual knows that the election will not take place on October 1,” said the speaker.

“We have made 11 meetings either directly or indirectly with the political parties, but they have failed to reach an agreement,” She said. “Parties’ failure to reach an agreement and the postponement of the election are unjustifiable,” She added.

The Kurdistan Region held parliamentary elections in September 2018. Parliamentary elections are held every four years in the Kurdistan Region. A minimum quota of 30% of seats in the 111-seat house is reserved for women and 11 seats for parties representing minorities.

“The elections postponement is a reality, it’s bitter but also a reality,” The speaker continued.

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