Kurdistan Region witnesses spark over drug trafficking in 2022

Asayish forces in Sulaimani release pictures of eight suspects wearing orange jumpsuits, who were detained over drug trafficking in Sulaimani, August 16, 2021. (Photo: The Directorate of Asayish in Sulaimani)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Trafficking of Narcotic drugs in the Kurdistan Region continued to spark during six initial months of 2022, with the seizure of 1,230 kilograms of drug substances by authorities, The Kurdistan Region’s anti-drug directorate said on Sunday.

The Region’s anti-drug directorate released the Data on narcotic offenses for six initial months of 2022, at least 999 suspects have been detained over either drug trafficking or using.

“999 suspects have been detained by security forces, and 682 of them have received sentences,” said the Region’s anti-drug directorate in a statement.

Massive amounts of various drug substances have been sized as well from January to June, “132 kilograms of Narcotics as well as 136 tablet packs have been seized by police” it said.

From the beginning of 2022 up to this point, 1,230 kilograms that were previously seized by police, were destroyed recently by Judge’s decision.

Drug trafficking has gone up inside the Kurdistan Region side by side with consumption of it, according to authorities. Border areas turned into a hotspot for Narcotic business as well as distribution.

the business became more frequent, in particular in those areas that have shared borders with Iran, officials have stated most of the drug substances are imported illegally by smugglers, and they utilized harsh geographical conditions.

So far, no drugs have been manufactured in the Kurdistan Region land, and the existing narcotics are always being imported from neighborhood countries, spokesperson of local security forces (Asayish) in Sulaimani Yasin Abdul-Samia said on Sunday.



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