Kurdistan temperature to rise on Saturday: directorate

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Temperature will rise at least two or three degrees higher on Saturday, and light dust will continue, said Kurdistan’s General Directorate of Meteorology and Seismology on Friday.

In a statement, the Directorate said, “Light dust will remain, and forecast would likely to be sunny during Friday”.

“Tomorrow will be completely sunny, the light dust impacts will go away in the late night of Saturday,” it said.

The highest expected forecast temperature according to the directorate, “could reach 42 Celsius in Erbil, Sulaimani 39 and Duhok 40”.

In general, Iraq is in the middle of a heatwave with temperatures rising above 50 degrees (122 Fahrenheit) during the day.

Despite the threats of climate change, authorities have long warned that the Kurdistan Region will be facing drought and shortages of water due to low rainfalls and the construction of dams in Turkey and Iran, which has reduced water flows to the Region. In particular during the hot seasons.

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