Iraqi MPs call for investigations into presence of foreign troops, ‘Mossad activities’ in Kurdistan

A handout picture released by Iraq’s Prime Minister’s Media Office on January 9, 2022 shows Iraqi lawmakers attending the inaugural session of the parliament in Baghdad, three months after legislative elections. (AFP photo)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Dozens of Iraqi lawmakers called for investigations into the presence of foreign troops and allegations about the presence of Israel’s “Mossad activities” in the Kurdistan Region.

As many as 25 lawmakers signed a request including three points to the Iraqi Council of Representatives on Thursday. 

In the first point, the lawmakers called for the formation of “an investigative committee” to investigate the numbers of U.S. forces and advisors in Iraq.

The MPs also demanded an investigation into the presence of Turkish troops in Mosul and the Kurdistan Region, after Turkey established “five military bases and 37 points in the Region”, the letter said.

The third point called for an investigation into the presence of “Mossad activities” in the Kurdistan Region, following a mission strike on Erbil by Iran earlier this month.

Iranian forces launched 12 ballistic missiles at Erbil on March 13, saying the attack targeted Israeli “strategic centers” and was retaliation for an Israeli military attack in Syria that killed Iranian military personnel.

Kurdish officials have long denied the presence of Israel’s Mossad bases in the Region, calling the claims “baseless”.

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