Kurdish forces in Syria seize more than two million captagon pills in record drug bust

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Kurdish Asayish (security) forces in Syria have seized more than two million captagon pills smuggled in from surrounding areas, they said on Tuesday.

The Asayish forces said 438 kilograms had been seized, equivalent to 2,570,580 pills.

The pills were smuggled into Kurdish-held territory form areas to the west, they added.

A security official told AFP that it was the “biggest captagon bust” in northwestern Syria.

“They were professionally concealed in construction materials such as granite, basalt and ceramics,” AFP quoted Asayish officials as saying during a press conference.

The shipment was seized from a warehouse in Qamishli, the Kurdish administration’s de-facto capital, a security official told AFP.

The shipment was to be transported to Iraq, according to the official who spoke to AFP.

The official further said the bust was the latest in a series of operations targeting captagon shipments from neighboring areas held by rebel or government forces, according to AFP.

Captagon was one of the brand names for the amphetamine-type stimulant fenethylline and is now manufactured illegally, mostly in Lebanon and Syria.

The pill is consumed by a wide variety of users, mostly in Gulf countries.

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