Officer disappeared after criticizing Zeravani forces in Erbil: activist


SULAIMANI (ESTA) — A Kurdish officer has disappeared after he criticized the Zeravani forces in Erbil, an activist said on Tuesday.

Human rights activist Ayhan Saeed said lieutenant colonel Mohammed Arif Sleman Guli had gone missing after he went to the headquarters of the Zeravani forces on Tuesday.

Zeravani forces are a militarized police force operating under the command of the interior ministry in the Kurdistan Region.

Saeed sent a letter to the Kurdistan parliament’s committees of interior, security and local councils and Peshmerga as well as the United Nations to investigate the case.

“The lieutenant colonel has disappeared since Tuesday morning when he went to the headquarters of Zeravani [forces] in Erbil and his mobile is also turned off,” he said in the letter.

Saeed cited a son of the officer as saying that his father had criticized the Zeravani forces due to violations of his rights.

“My father has disappeared after he criticized the Zeravani forces because his rights were violated,” Khakvin Mohammed, the officer’s son, was cited as saying.

The Kurdish activist called on the United Nations to “reveal the fate of the officer”.

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