Police seized over 1,000 unlicensed firearms in Kurdistan in 2021

File – Kurdish policemen are pictured in a neighborhood in Erbil

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Kurdish police seized more than 1,000 unlicensed firearms in the Kurdistan Region last year, a spokesman said on Wednesday.

Spokesman of the general directorate of police Karzan Amir said as many at 1,051 unlicensed firearms were used in the Kurdistan Region in 2021.

Despite decisions to prosecute people with unregistered weapons, the use of firearms have increased in the Kurdistan Region. Weapons are often used to settle personal or tribal disputes.

The police spokesman further said there were 215 cases of “deliberate murder” and 59 cases of “unintentional homicide” as well as 287 cases of suicide last year. 

Police also recorded 4,670 cases of “threatening” and 5,961 cases of fighting, he said in a press conference.

The Region’s evidence and crime department also recorded 963 crimes in 2021, he noted.

As many as 585 weapons used in carrying out crimes were also seized during the year, he continued. 

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