Iraqi court sentences three ‘terrorists’ to death: judicial council

File – A hanging rope is pictured

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — An Iraqi court sentenced three men to death by hanging on Tuesday, the judicial council said in a statement.

“The central criminal court sentenced three terrorists to death by hanging for the crime of detonating a car bomb in Baghdad,” the judicial council said.

The three “terrorists” were members of Islamic State (ISIS), it added.

On Thursday, an Iraqi court handed death sentences to three people for “participating in detonating motorcycles equipped with explosives” in Basra’s al-Jumhuriya neighborhood.

Iraq has put hundreds of suspected militants on trial and carried out several mass executions since defeating ISIS militants in a 2014-2017 U.S.-backed military campaign.

In November, Iraq hanged 21 convicted “terrorists” and murders, the latest in a series of mass executions it had carried out since defeating ISIS in 2017.

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