PMF says thwarts ‘terrorist attempt’ to target power towers in Saladin

File – Electricians work on a transmission tower in Iraq (INA photo)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) thwarted a “terrorist attempt” to target power transmission towers in Saladin governorate, the group said on Wednesday.

A “terrorist” group tried to sabotage power transmission towers in Mukashifa area in Saladin province, the PMF said in a statement.

“The force confronted them and thwarted their criminal attempt,” it added.

Unclaimed attacks on Iraq’s electricity network increased in summer, at a time when the country is facing severe power shortages.

Iraqi authorities accuse ISIS militants of targeting the country’s power towers.

Power from Iraq’s main grid suffers year-round from hours-long cuts each day, but the shortages worsen during the hot summer months when temperatures regularly reach 50 degrees and households rely on air conditioning.

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