Iraqi forces arrest 15 Syrians attempting to cross into Iraq

A view shows an Iraqi border outpost along the frontier with Syria, Iraq January 18, 2021. (Reuters)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Iraqi forces detained 15 Syrians attempting to cross into Iraq from Syria, authorities said on Wednesday.

Iraq’s security media cell said the security forces monitored a group of people who were trying to cross the Syrian border into Iraq on Wednesday.

The group including 15 Syrians were detained as they entered the village of Mushairfa in Rabia district, it added.

“They were sent back to Syrian territory through the joint coordination center,” it said in a statement.

Iraqi forces have detained dozens of people including Syrians for attempting to cross the border between Syria and Iraq in the past months.

The security forces arrested six Iraqis who illegally crossed the border between Syria and Iraq on Tuesday.

Iraq has tightened security along 600 km border with Syria to curb the movement of Islamic State (ISIS) militants, drug smuggling and other illegal activities.

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