UK consulate calls for end to threats on Kurdistan Region

Ambulances are being sent to the site after the Erbil International Airport was targeted by an explosives-laden drone, Erbil, April 14, 2021. (Anadolu Agency)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — UK Consulate General in Erbil on Sunday condemned a drone attack on Erbil airport, calling for an end to threats on the Kurdistan Region.

Two bomb-laden drones hit near U.S.-led Coalition troops at Erbil air base late on Saturday, with no casualties.

Coalition Spokesman Col. Wayne Marotto said force protection measures were used to defeat the drones, which impacted inside and outside perimeter.

“These threats to the KRI must end, but our support for the KRG will continue until they do and long after,” the UK consulate said in a tweet.

Meanwhile, U.S. consulate general in the Region said continued attacks “are a threat” to Iraq’s sovereignty and stability.

“We support the Kurdistan Regional Government’s investigation to identify those responsible,” it added.

The airport has come under attack several times in the past year, including by drones carrying explosives.

U.S. officials blame previous attacks on Iran-aligned Shia militias which have vowed to fight until the remaining 2,500 U.S. military personnel leave the country.

The U.S. forces are leading an international military coalition whose mandate is to help Iraqi forces fight remnants of Islamic State.

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