Security forces seize over 100 weapons in operation to investigate company: Asayish

File – Emblem of Kurdistan flag on the arm of a security force. (Esta Media Network)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Security forces in Sulaimani seized more than 100 weapons during an operation to investigate works of a security company that used a cement factory to train a force, the directorate of Asayish said on Friday.

In a statement, the Asayish directorate said Talon company had violated instructions for security companies following an investigation into the works of those companies.

It further said the security company had formed an 89-member force and opened military courses for them without obtaining permission from related institutions.

“Another violation was that the company had used a cement factory for military training while any security company should train its staff with the consent of the related institutions,” Sulaimani’s Asayish said.

On Thursday, Asayish forces carried out an operation to detain members of the company at a cement factory in Sulaimani province.

Twenty-eight participants had taken part in the first course and 30 others participated in the second course, Asayish said.

The security forces detained 31 participants during the operation, who had not completed the third course, it added.

The Asayish forces seized 120 types of weapons and 280 magazines during the operation, it stated. Among the weapons were M4, AK-47, PKC and RPG.

“The security companies can only train their participants on light weapons, but the force was trained on light and heavy weapons,” the Asayish directorate said.

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