Watchdog recorded 31 violations against journalists, media outlets in Kurdistan

Erbil saw the highest number of violations against journalists and media outlets

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The Kurdistan Journalists’ Syndicate said on Wednesday it had recorded 31 cases of violations against journalists and media outlets in the past six months.

The syndicate released figures and data on violations against journalists and media outlets between January and June in 2021.

It said as many as 31 cases of violations against 71 journalists and media outlets during the period.

There were seven cases of detention of journalists, 14 cases of prevention from coverage, seven cases of attacks and insult, two cases of beating, it added.

It further said a channel was closed during the period.

As many as 13 journalists were arrested and 28 others were prevented from coverage or faced discrimination, it stated.

Twenty-six other journalists were insulted, according to the figures.

The syndicate also said 11 cases were registered in Erbil, six cases in Sulaimani, two others in Duhok and one more in Halabja.

Eight other cases were in Kirkuk, two others in Mosul and Sinjar and another in Rojava, it added, referring to Kurdish areas in northeastern Syria.

In 2020, up to 138 cases of violations were recorded in the Kurdistan Region, according to the Kurdistan Journalists’ Syndicate.

But the Metro Center for Journalists’ Rights and Advocacy recorded 385 cases of violations against 291 journalists and media stations in 2020.

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