Asayish says driver used armed force to attack security forces in Sulaimani

A combined picture of security forces who gather at a site where clashes erupted between Asayish forces and a unit of commando forces in Sulaimani and a vehicle which was damaged in the clashes

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The directorate of Asayish in Sulaimani said on Tuesday a driver who didn’t commit to legal measures and instructions used an armed force to attack the security forces who were on an official duty in Sarchinar neighborhood in the city.

The directorate of Asayish released a statement about clashes erupted between a unit of commando forces and a joint force of Asayish and police in a neighborhood in Sulaimani city late on Monday.

The directorate said its forces along with other security forces in Sulaimani conducted an official mission on Jawahiri street in Sarchinar neighborhood to preserve security and stability of the city.

“A driver did not commit to the legal measures and instructions, and that led to problems,” the directorate said in a statement.

“The person later used an armed force outside the law and attacked the security forces who were on the duty,” it added.

The armed force opened fire at the security forces, the Asayish directorate stated. Six members of the Asayish forces and a policeman were wounded during the clashes, according to the statement.

Clashes erupted between a unit of commando forces and Asayish who set up a checkpoint near Abu Sana hotel in Sarchinar neighborhood late on Monday.

As many as 12 personnel from both sides were wounded, Esta Media Network has learned.

“We will leave the legal measures for the investigative committee, and we ensure all sides that we will never abandon our national duty in protecting people’s livelihoods and the stability of the city,” Asayish said.

Earlier on Tuesday, Sulaimani governor Haval Abubakir said legal measures would be taken against people who caused the incident.

In a statement, Vice President Sheikh Jaafar Sheikh Mustafa accused the Asayish forces of opening fire at a vehicle of his daughter, who passed by the checkpoint last night.

“My daughter has not opened fire at anybody. The Asayish forces opened fires,” he said in a statement.

“Anybody who is wanted by courts must appear in front of the courts. There is no one above law,” he added.

Meanwhile, Ahmed Latif, spokesman of Peshmerga’s Unit 70, said as many as 12 people were wounded in the “last night’s misunderstanding” in Sulaimani city.

“The issue is at court now. Police will investigate the incident and the court will issue its ruling,” he told Esta Media Network.

“We will obey any decision that court makes and we will follow it as it is,” he said.

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