Kurdistan Region announces 723 new cases of COVID-19, 23 deaths

Medical workers are walking on a street in downtown Sulaimani to test people for coronavirus, March 18, 2020. Esta Media Network

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The Kurdistan Region recorded 723 new cases of the novel coronavirus and 23 deaths on Saturday, said the ministry of health.

In a statement, the Region’s health ministry said it had registered 156 cases in Erbil, 149 in Sulaimani, 30 in Garmian, 365 in Duhok and 23 in Halabja.

The ministry further said three new deaths were in Erbil, nine in Sulaimani, one in Raparin, eight in Duhok and two in Halabja.

Up to 391 patients had also recovered from COVID-19 in the previous 24 hours, the ministry’s statement read.

So far, the Region has logged 60,906 coronavirus cases, with 2,129 deaths and 37,119 recoveries, according to the ministry.

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