Committee examines paralysis case in Sulaimani after COVID-19 jab: official

File – A medical worker looks at a paper at a center to test and treat coronavirus patients in Sulaimani. (Esta Media Network)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — A medical committee formed by the general directorate of health in Sulaimani is examining a case of paralysis in a man who received a coronavirus jab in April, a health official said on Monday.

Daughter of the man confirmed to Esta Media Network that her father received the vaccine 10 days before he suffered from quadriplegia.

She, however, refused to giver further details.

Deputy Director of Health in Sulaimani Dr. Herish Salim said the man had been hospitalized at Anwar Shekha Hospital in Sulaimani and that there was still no evidence the case was connected to the vaccine.

“There is still no proof that the reason was the coronavirus vaccine,” Salim told Esta Media Network on Monday, noting that the general directorate of health had formed a committee to investigate it.

“No suspected cases have been recorded in Sulaimani after the use of coronavirus vaccine,” he added. “It is possible that a person gets sick after receiving vaccines. But it might not be connected to the vaccine.”

The man received his first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine at Karezawishk health center in Sulaimani city on April 20, according to the COVID-19 vaccination card he posted on Facebook.

Cases of quadriplegia are rare with people who received coronavirus vaccines.

It is the first case of a person suffering from paralysis in the Kurdistan Region after receiving a COVID-19 shot.

In April, a 45-year-old nursing assistant who was vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine was hospitalized after suffering short-lived paralysis of her arms and legs in South Korea.

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