Coronavirus situation in Sulaimani ‘very dangerous’, says health official

File – A medical worker looks at a paper at a center to test and treat coronavirus patients in Sulaimani. (Sartep Othman/Esta Media Network)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The coronavirus situation in Sulaimani city is “very dangerous”, a health official said on Wednesday.

Spokesman of the general directorate of health in Sulaimani Dr. Yad Naqishbandi said 55 deaths had been recorded in the province in the past 5 days.

“The coronavirus situation in Sulaimani is very dangerous, and it has never reached this level before,” the health official told Esta Media Network.

“All efforts are to find out how to reduce the rising number of infections and deaths, and to work to make people follow the protective measures completely,” he said.

The official added that infected people did not follow the instructions about treatment in the beginning until their condition gets worse.

“When they come to the hospitals, their oxygen has decreased sharply,” he continued.

“Another reason is that infected people receive treatment from inexperienced people in an unscientific and unhealthy way, that leads to the widespread of the virus in their body.”

“If people do not follow the protective measures and treatment instructions, we won’t be able to contain it even if all hospitals including private ones are dedicated to treat infection persons.”

On Saturday (October 3), deputy director of health in Sulaimani Herish Said Saleem told Esta Media Network that the directorate had formed a committee to investigate a surge in number of deaths due to COVID-19 in Sulaimani.

Herish Haidar, supervisor for a team to deal with the virus in Sulaimani, said patients from Basra to all the other cities in the Kurdistan Region came to the province to receive treatment in the hospitals because health services “are better and free of charge”.

“So, there will be an increase in number of deaths because of the high number of patients,” he told Esta Media Network.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Region’s health ministry announced 886 new cases of COVID-19 and 29 deaths. Up to 176 cases and 15 deaths were in Sulaimani.

So far, the Kurdistan Region has recorded 52,756 coronavirus cases, with 1,906 deaths and 33,312 recoveries.

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