anniversary of the first Kurdish president of Iraq being elected

SULAIMANI – (ESTA) It has been 19 years since President Mam Jalal was elected، becoming the first Kurd to take that position.

President Mam Jalal was chosen by the House of Representatives to lead Iraq on April 6، 2005. It has been 19 years since that momentous day.

President Mam Jalal became the first Kurdish politician in Iraqi history to hold the office of president and carry out the objectives of the Kurdish people، having previously served as a Peshmerga.

He was awarded Samami Aman; Because of his skills، wise policy، reconciliation and brotherhood among Iraqi political parties، the Supreme Shiite Marja’a، Ayatollah Sayyid Ali al-Sistani، awarded him the title of Samami Aman.

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