Kurdish man opens small museum to save heritage objects

Salih Mohammed Faraj, 66, open a small museum to save heritage objects in Garmian administration, south of Sulaimani. (Esta Media Network)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — A 66-year-old Kurdish man has opened a small museum at his home to save Kurdish heritage objects.

Salih Mohammed Faraj, who is a member of Roughzayee clan in the Jaf tribe, lives in Garmian administration, in south of Sulaimani.

Faraj says he has been working on his small museum, which he calls it a heritage place, for nearly 40 years, belonged to his grandparents.

“Some of the objects were stolen in 1991. There was looting at that time and half of it was stolen” he tells Esta Media Network, noting that he had to buy them again in order to collect them the museum.

Salih has collected and kept more than 10,000 ancient objects, including rifles, straw mat, nomadic tents, copper pot, wash jugs, carpets, and rugs, in his museum.

“It is a national heritage of the four parts of Kurdistan,” the Kurdish citizen says, referring to Greater Kurdistan.

Salih adds that he decided to keep the ancient objects in a parlor so that they will remain for his family and history.

He criticized the Kurdish government for not helping him in collecting the ancient objects.

“It is the product of our martyrs’ blood that I can sit in this hall freely, that I can open a heritage place where there are 10,000 pieces in,” Salih says.

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