Kurdish citizen makes wood heaters in Halabja for over 65 years

Hama Saeed Hama Karim makes wood heaters in Halabja. (Esta Media Network)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — A Kurdish citizen makes wood heaters for baking and heating in the Kurdistan Region’s city of Halabja.

Hama Saeed Hama Karim Mohammed says he has started with the job in 1954 and that he is the “oldest draftsman” in Halabja city.

“I haven’t changed my job to another even though the situation had changed,” Mohammed tells Esta Media Network in his shop in Halabja.

Mohammed further says he sometimes makes only one heater because the job is not easy and he needs to make designs on it.

“There is no one else in Halabja who can also make the heaters,” he adds.

Mohammed is making two types of wood heaters; one is used for baking and the other is used for heating.

His last will for his sons is to keep the shop open.

“If I die, don’t destroy the shop even if you just sit inside and don’t ignore the job but do it,” Mohammad tells his sons from his shop.

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