Iraq recorded over 2,300 cases of new coronavirus variant: authorities

A health official is seen in International Fair ground, which has been temporarily turned into a hospital in fighting against coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic in Baghdad, Iraq on 18 July, 2020. (Anadolu Agency)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Iraq has recorded more than 2,300 cases of the new coronavirus variant across the country, Iraqi authorities said on Thursday.

Iraq’s Crisis Cell said most of the cases were recorded in Baghdad followed by Najaf, according to Iraqi media.

“More than 2,300 tests have returned positive for the new coronavirus variant,” the crisis cell said in a statement. “Most of the cases were recorded among children.”

“Most of the children need to be under intense care,” it added.

On Monday, Iraqi minister of health Hassan al-Tamimi said a number of cases of the new coronavirus strain had been registered in the country.

The Iraqi government decided on Saturday to impose restrictions on movement and social gathering as COVID-19 cases grow in numbers.

A curfew will be in place from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. for two weeks starting Feb. 18, the Iraqi health and safety committee said.

Schools, universities, salons, parks, massage centers, wedding and funeral venues and sites of religious congregation will be closed from February 15 until further notice, the committee said.

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