Erbil provincial council elects KDP’s Omed Khoshnaw as governor

Newly-elected governor of Erbil Omed Khoshnaw

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Erbil Provincial Council on Monday elected Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) candidate Omed Khoshnaw as the Erbil governor.

Khoshnaw, who was head of KDP bloc in the Kurdistan parliament, received 18 votes from members of the 30-seat Erbil Provincial Council during a session held to elect a new governor for Erbil.

Only 23 members of the Erbil provincial council attended the session.

Members of Change Movement, the Kurdistan Islamic Union and the Kurdistan Islamic Group boycotted the session. The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) bloc did not vote for Khoshnaw.

The other two candidates did not secure any vote.

“Who doesn’t participate in the session is normal, and the process is democratic … I will implement the agenda of the Kurdistan Regional Government,” Khoshnaw said before the voting began.

Former Erbil governor Firsat Sofi died from coronavirus at a hospital in Turkey in November. He assumed the post in September 2019.

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