Iraqi and KRG ministries of agriculture to sign agreement – minister

KRG Minister of Agriculture Begard Talabani meets with her Iraqi counterpart Muhammad Karim Jasim Salih in Baghdad, January 11, 2020.

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Kurdistan Region’s Minister of Agriculture Begard Talabani said the ministry would sign an agreement on agriculture with federal government on Tuesday. 

A high-level delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Ministry of Agriculture visited Baghdad on Monday and separately met with officials from the Iraqi ministries of agriculture and trade.

Minister Talabani said in a statement that the delegation had discussed the suspending issues between the ministries during the meetings.

A high-level joint delegation led by both Iraqi and Kurdish agricultural ministers would meet on Tuesday to sign an agreement “on the common points” between the ministries, the statement read.

“The development of agricultural sector, particularly in the sectors of animal, birds and other products are the points that need to be cooperated,” the statement said.

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