Watchdog recorded 138 violations against journalists in Kurdistan Region   

An AFP journalist takes cover during an attack in Syria. (AFP)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — A watchdog said on Thursday that it had recorded 138 cases of violations against journalists in the Kurdistan Region in 2020.  

The Kurdistan Journalists’ Syndicate released its annual report on Thursday, saying cases of violations against journalists have increased in the Kurdistan Region.

The Kurdistan journalists’ syndicate added that 46 cases were recorded in Erbil, 36 in Sulaimani, 14 in Duhok, 17 in Halabja and 25 others in Kirkuk.

There were 42 cases of detention of journalists, 47 cases of prevention from coverage, 32 cases of attacks and insult and eight more cases of beating, said the syndicate.

The watchdog further said four complaints against journalists were filed and three channels were closed in 2020.

On December 27, Peace and Freedom Organization (PFO) said it had recorded 207 cases of violations of freedoms of expression and of media in the Kurdistan Region last year.

“The freedom of expression is worsening day by day in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region,” the PFO said.

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