Authorities seized 47 fake documents at Sulaimani airport in 2020 – official

File – Sulaimani International Airport

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — As many as 47 counterfeit documents have been seized at Sulaimani international airport in 2020, the airport’s director said on Tuesday.

Director of Sulaimani International Airport Tahir Abdulla said the documents included passports and visas used by passengers who wanted to travel through or landed at the airport.

In October, police in Erbil seized 329 various fake documents and equipment as well as weapons in the a suspect’s house in the city.

The seized materials included documents of Iraqi, Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and consulates, stamps of border crossings and airports, postage stamps, identity cards including military IDs, courts’ communiques, medical statement and translated documents, police said.

Other documents were related to marriage, certificate of birth, driving license, vehicle annual registration, bank accounts, information cards and Iraqi national certificate as well as foreign relations’ communique and stamps, the statement read.

Sulaimani airport’s director said more than 123,000 passengers had traveled through the airport in 2020.

Abdulla added that 10,000 tons of materials were imported and 324,000 others were exported via the airport.

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