Two persons are detained in the Soran incident

SULAIMANI – (ESTA) Two suspects have been arrested, according to the head of the commission investigating of Soran fire incident.

At a press conference, Halgurd Sheikh Najib, the leader of the commission investigating the incident and supervisor of the Soran Independent Administration, stated that Fire Department and medical crews had come to contain the fire and rescue the victims.

He added, “Two people have been arrested for the incident, including the owner of the building and the owner of the furniture”, also he emphasized that all buildings will be reviewed and steps taken by the Soran administration.

“The main reason for the high number of victims is that the victims did not try to save themselves, as none of the victims were burned, but died in the smoke of the fire,” Halgurd said.

At least fourteen people lost their lives and seven more were injured when a residential building in the Soran area caught fire on Friday night.

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