Iraq has call for formation a group to encounter climate change

SULAIMANI – (Esta) In COP28 Iraq has called for the formation of a regional group of eight Gulf countries to address the threat of climate change.

The 28th session of the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP28 Framework Convention on Climate Change began in Dubai with the participation of president of Iraq, heads of state and leaders of more than 180 countries.

“The outcomes of this Conference should be comprehensive, balanced and fair in terms of assessment and global goals for adaptation based on shared responsibility, but different and according to the capacity and national circumstances of each country to achieve a fair transition and equally towards clean and renewable energy” President of Iraq Latif Rashid said in COP28 meeting.

He also stressed the need to form a regional group of eight Gulf countries to address the threats of climate change, stressing the importance of working together as a negotiating group with a unified position to present the future climate challenges of the region to the world.

The UAE has been hosting COP28 since 30th Nov 2023, which is expected to motivate countries to accelerate their move towards clean energy.

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