PUK President reaffirms his support for Information Agency

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) President on Monday reaffirmed his support for the Kurdistan Region’s Protection and Information/Information Agency, according to a statement released by his press office. 

Talabani met with Jalal Sheikh Naji, the President of the Information Agency in Sulaimani’s Qalachualan area.

During the meeting, Naji handed the report of duties and responsibilities of the Agency to Talabani, reaffirming their efforts to protect the Kurdistan Region’s stability.

In the meantime, Talabani commended the Information Agency along with the role that Sheikh Naji played in running the duties and responsibilities.

He also expressed gratitude to the staff and officers of the Agency for their efforts to safeguard the people and protect the security of the Kurdistan Region.

“It’s a matter of pride that you run your duties for the sake of the Kurdistan people without political affiliation,” Talabani told Sheikh Naji,” reaffirming his support.

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