Asayish thwarts plot of people smuggling into Kurdistan on border

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SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The Kurdistan Region Security Forces (Asayish) on Wednesday announced that it had thwarted a plot of people smuggling into the Region on the border, and arrested a dozen foreigners.

Earlier this month “on June 2nd, the Operation Department of Asayish arrested 18 foreigners along with two people smugglers, attempting to illegally cross to the Kurdistan Region,” read Asayish in a statement.

The statement also revealed the investigations indicated that a terrorist leader was among the arrested.

It did not further elaborate.

“The suspects are currently in custody charged per multiple articles relating to terror and foreigners,” it added.

People smuggling activities increased in the borders of the Kurdistan Region, where various nationals risk their lives illegally trying to cross the border.

On May 28th, at least 16 Pakistani nationals were arrested by Asayish in Sulaimani’s Darbandikhan, who had entered the Kurdistan Region through illegal routes, and intended to flee to the southern province of Iraq.


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