On party anniversary PUK urges unity and reconciliation

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SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) urged reconciliation and unity for robust cooperation between the Kurdish political party in the Iraqi political landscape to overcome challenges facing the Kurdistan Region.

“The PUK’s long-standing struggle and shared purposes with the Kurdish political forces ultimately resulted in the Iraqi constitution to ratify the democratic experience of Kurdistan,” PUK’s politburo said in a statement released today on the occasion of the party’s 48th anniversary.

“Despite the attempts of political embargos on the Kurdish experience, despite the attempts of disrupting consensus and unanimity, both enemy and friend testify that the PUK’s role in the political process and the center of decision making in Baghdad is still pivotal and decisive,” read the statement.

The PUK urged “real unity”, which serves the high interests of democracy and fair elections. “No political process will succeed without the participation of the PUK,” according to the statement.

The statement further read that let’s take this year’s anniversary as an opportunity for real reforms, self-re-organization, and reconciling with the people.

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