Automated speed enforcement ‘Point-to-Point’ cameras start to work in Sulaimani

File – Automated speed enforcement cameras known as Point-to-Point cameras in seen in a picture installed on the Sulaimani-Dukan highway

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Point-to-Point speed violation monitoring system along the Sulaimani-Dukan highway will start working on Monday, according to Directorate of Traffic. 

Automated speed enforcement Cameras commonly known as Point-to-point cameras is a joint initiative between the Directorate of Sulaimani Traffic and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Ministry of Interior.

The system consists of cameras that will snap a picture of your license plate if you go over the normal highway speed limit and fine the motorists.

Sulaimani Traffic Police say the speed cameras are designed to help prevent tragedies due to violating speed limitations by reckless drivers.

Since the decision to activate Point-to-Point Cameras, a debate has been heating up among the locals, expressing dissatisfaction with installing such automated speed enforcement systems.

Speed cameras in Sulaimani have been vandalized serval times by locals who also demand the removal of the speed cameras on the Sulaimani-Dukan highway which they assume they are “Money grab”.



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