Iraqi federal court to convene Thursday to rule on nomination of KDP candidate

The building of Iraqi Federal Supreme Court

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Iraq’s federal court will convene on Thursday to rule on the nomination of Rebar Ahmed as a candidate for the country’s presidency, according to Iraqi media.

The Iraqi Federal Supreme Court will hold a meeting on a case filed by Alia Nusayf against the “constitutional or unconstitutional candidacy” of Ahmed, a Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) candidate for the post of Iraqi president.

The federal court is expected to rule Thursday on the case during its meeting which will be attended by representatives of both sides, according to Iraqi media.

Ahmed is KDP’s second candidate for the position of Iraq’s president after the court ruled last month to reject the nomination of Hoshyar Zebari as a candidate for the presidency.

In 2016, Iraqi parliament sacked Zebari from his post as finance minister over alleged corruptions and misuse of public funds. Zebari denied the accusations.

Zebari, who also served as Iraq’s foreign minister for more than a decade, lost a no-confidence vote by 158 to 77.

The court’s meeting comes as Iraqi parliament is scheduled to hold a session on March 26 to vote to select a candidate for the post of Iraqi president.

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