KDP-affiliated force arrests Turkey-based Kurdish politician in Erbil

Erbil, the Kurdistan Region capital in a picture combined with a police vehicle.

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Turkey-based female Kurdish politician Azmia Arso has been arrested by a force at the Erbil International Airport on Saturday, her family said.

Arso who is from the north part of Kurdistan (Bakur), Shirnak town, was arrested by a force affiliated with the ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) earlier yesterday, her family claimed.

Esta Media Network has learned that Arso was set to travel abroad via Erbil International Airport for medical purposes.

She is suffering from critical illness, and seeks medical treatment abroad, according to her family.

Arso’s family also said that her fate is remained unclear up to this point.

“We do not know why she has been arrested,” said her family.

Pro-Kurdish Turkey-based politicians who live in the Kurdistan Region and fled because of political reasons have expressed dissatisfaction several times over being “unsafe” in the Region.

They also claim that Turkish spies easily reach them in the KDP-controlled areas, and enjoy impunity by escaping justice with the alleged help of authorities “in Erbil”.

Last April, a member of Turkey’s pro-Kurdish Democratic Party (HDP) was fatally shot and killed inside a shopping center in the city of Duhok.

No suspcts were arrsted over the incdeint.

Subsequently, Musa Khalid, a representative for the refugees who fled from Turkey due to political reasons and resided in the Kurdistan Region, urged in a press briefing to be protected by the Kurdistan Region’s authorities.

“More than four of our people have been martyred in the Kurdistan Region by the Turkish intelligence throughout the past two years and it’s weird that the suspects cannot be arrested,” He said.

“The Turkish intelligence hitmen escape justice and the Kurdistan Region via Erbil and return to Turkey continuously,” He added.





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