Duhok calls for Akre to become Capital of Newroz

File – Akre during Newroz celebrations

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Duhok governor Ali Tatar on Tuesday delivered a letter to the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to recognize Akre town as the capital of Newroz.

Tatar explained that the call to recognize the mountainous town of Akre as Newroz’s capital is the demand of all the town’s people.

He also added that Akre has distinctive characteristics during Newroz celebrations. “We have delivered an official letter to become the capital of Newroz.”

The town’s celebrations in Newroz attract vast visitors across the region including many around the globe.

Newroz is a significant day for Kurds all over the globe as it marks the start of spring and signifies the first day of the Kurdish New Year.

The occasion falls on March 21. It is one of the key celebrations in Kurdistan. People will wear traditional Kurdish clothes and go on picnics where they celebrate the occasion by eating foods and dancing.


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