Deputy Prime Minister announces ‘One Window’ system to tackle corruption

File – Kurdistan Regional Government Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani

SULAIMANI (ESTA) —  Kurdistan Region Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani on Saturday announced the “One Window” system at the governmental institutions of Sulaimani province to reduce routine and hampering corruption amid the conduct of citizens’ affairs.

Unveiling the “One Window” system Talabani stated that the project is in the frame of digitizing the institutions’ affairs which are made of improving the services offered to the citizens and tackling corruption.

This initiative not only streamlines better access to government services, promotes transparency, and helps prevent corruption.

In the meantime, the spokesperson of the Deputy Prime Minister, Samir Hawrami said the “One Window” system’s first stage will be initially practiced in five governmental institutions in Sulaimani city.

“The system will be later stretched to other institutions, provinces, and independent administrations,” Hawrami said.

Speaking on the benefit of the “One Window” system Hawrami added that the citizens will no more be required to visit several different rooms within a government institution to complete their affairs.

“Citizens will hand their affairs to the government servant through One Window, the citizen who seeks service does not need to visit several rooms inside the governmental institutions to fulfill their needs,” Hawrami added.

The “Single Window” System will mark the end of the routine, and when the routine has been terminated, there will be no more corruption, according to Hawrami’s words.

“With #OneWindow, citizens will have a single point of access to a range of government services, making it easier to navigate bureaucracy and receive the support they need,” The Deputy Prime Minister tweeted.




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