PUK President calls for reconciliation between political parties

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) President on Sunday called for reconciliation between all of the Kurdistan Region political parties.

Commemorating the 32nd anniversary of the 1991 Kurdish uprising against the former Iraqi regime, Talabani in a minutes-long speech said let’s make this day an opportunity to extend the hand of peace to all Kurdish political parties.

“We extend our hands to any political party who can reconcile our people, who can serve our people, who can work for all parts of Kurdistan,” Talabani said.

Moreover, the PUK president in his speech sent out a specific message to the rival Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) for reconciliation.

“If you want this [peace and reconciliation] we will extend our hand for you. Let’s work for our people’s interest. Let’s struggle for this. We are ready if you want this, otherwise, you would suffer losses,” Talabani added.

“Get a ride of the yellow zone and green zone. Kurdistan is ours. Kurdistan is yours. Together we will green Kurdistan.”

Saturday marked the 32nd anniversary of the 1991 Kurdish uprising that began in Raniya, the “gateway” of the uprising against the former Iraqi regime, then led by Dictator Saddam Hussein.

The uprising soon took a wider form and the Kurds in other cities and towns quickly took up arms until the expulsion of the Iraqi army.

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